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Monday, September 5 2005, 04:24PM

Happy Birthday, Alessandro!

Today (September 5th) is my birthday, I'm now 19 years old (yeah, that old).

Ed made me this:
Birthday picture

I'm hoping ACJ will make me something as 1337 as last year, but that's up to him. :x

Anyway, I celebrated with Ed and Michel last Saturday: we went out to Hollywood (Ed's first time!  Omg!). :)
And upcoming Thursday we'll have a nice evening dinner with the family.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :)
(See you next year. :P)

P.s.: Diffission opened its site at: http://www.diffission.com/ (I didn't make the site! — Don't come whining to me about the XHTML/Flash!). :)


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