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Monday, October 17 2005, 06:14PM

New weblog!

I've finally, finally, finished my new weblog!
This version does not only look new by layout, but has also been re-written from the ground up!
It validates (and conforms!) to XHTML (1.0 Strict), CSS (some CSS3 was used) and WAI-AA.
Didn't have enough yet?; Soon there will also be an XML file with an XSLT and also an RSS feed (just because I can :)). :D

I've also been thinking of implementing a comment system.. but I'm still unsure if I'm going to build it.

Also, I hope you're using anything besides Internet Explorer to view this page because I've really given up on conforming to IE (I have some support but a lot is lacking, hence the notice on top of the page).

I've been working on this redesign for some time now, and I'm happy I've finally come around to finishing it. :D


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