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Saturday, October 14 2006, 11:49PM

SnowWorld and I grinded rails!

Last Wednesday-evening I went to SnowWorld with the same person I went to last time (who wishes to remain nameless)! :D

It was a lot of fun and I got to grind a rail for the first time ever!

I've never done it before and was always a bit frightened approaching them.
This time I'd had it though, I really wanted to try and do it (there also weren't too many people on that slope at the time) so I put my mind to it and I actually managed to do it on my second approach!

After that I knew what to expect so I kept doing it over and over again and I realised I'd been frightened over nothing since it really isn't all that hard to grind them! :P

The rail I grinded had two surfaces and there was also one with three surfaces which I also grinded afterwards.
After those, I also grinded three other rails which were there (which were easier, and because of that I didn't want to grind before because I wanted to grind the real thing or die trying :P).

Anyway, I also did the high jump, but that wasn't anything too special (done that before plenty of times).
I did manage to do the old Indy a couple of times, though, which is always fun to do. :P

In all, I only really fell once (landed improperly after doing the high jumping)!
I don't care about falling; I openly admit it and showcase it to everyone around at the time, but it surprised me that I didn't whipe-out even once. :D

I'm also looking forward to next time when I'm going together with Michel and Emanuele (my little brother) who'll be snowboarding for their very first time. :D :P


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