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Friday, October 27 2006, 02:54PM


I know this is a very late entry, but I installed FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE (for the record) on the 13th of October, 2006. :D

Everything went very smoothly; the installation, the set-up of various applications (through ports), the configuration of config files, the installation and configuration of NVidia (and TVOut!! — which was a bit of messing around with my XF86Config file, but I did manage to get it working properly :D) and the installation of Enlightenment.

Speaking of all of that, I think it's about time for a screenshot:

Screenshot of FreeBSD.
This screenshot shows FreeBSD running my favourite window manager: Enlightenment.

There are a few things which I need to work on but none present any real problems. :P
Everything is working really well and I'm enjoying everything FreeBSD has to offer. :)
I love the environment and the way it operates (of course similar to every UNIX derive/variant, but still :P)!

Soon I'll install Apache, PHP and ProFTPD and have everything set-up like I had it in Gentoo. :D


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