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Wednesday, January 3 2007, 06:08PM

Happy New Year!

Another year has come to an end, and just like last year I'd just like to reflect on the past year.
Note: I've purposely delayed posting this due to personal reasons.

  • I've come to know Lenna and have had a lot of fun with her, including my very first gig, ever!  It's too bad things didn't work out between her and me but it doesn't matter anymore; I've learned a lot from her which I'll always cherish. :)  Thank you Lenna, I hope we'll stay good friends forever. :D
  • In the last two months of the year, I've met Gwen, the absolute (high)light of my life!  I've never before met anyone like her; she's so incredibly sweet and nice, loves and accepts me for who I am and is a lot of fun to be with.  You are the nicest girl I have ever met and I love you, Gwen! :)
  • This year I've also bought the M3 Adapter for my Nintendo DS which prolonged the usage of my DS considerably.  I now use it for everything, ranging from just (NDS/GBA/GBC/SNES/NES/homebrew) games to homebrew projects (like DSLinux, Moonshell, etc.) to even movies/music/images (using Moonshell).  It's the most perfect handheld I can imagine and I love messing with and programming for it.  I love the Nintendo DS. :D
  • After much consideration, I've also bought a Flute this year and learned to play it (I would also like to recognize Mr. Schroder here).
  • At the start of this year I went snowboarding with Ed and Mick which was totally amazing and made me realise that the thing I like doing most is off-piste snowboarding.
  • 2006 was also the year I shook off Linux in favour of (eventually) FreeBSD (mostly due to a failed harddisk, but I always knew it was coming while using Linux).
  • 2006 was also the year I (finally) registered my domain: agilo.nl!
  • Also a big thing this year was the launch of the Nintendo Wii!  I've been counting the days until launch for quite some time and I finally got to play it for the very first time at this year's Gameplay which I attended with Ralph, Nick and Patrick.  It is also never mentioned in my weblog that my little brother purchased the Wii, so I guess this is a good a time as any: my little brother bought the Nintendo Wii at launch day together with Zelda and Wii Play. :D
  • What also happened this year is the change of my hair from nothing(/dull) to something, thanks to Lenna. :)

I hope I didn't forget anything, heh.
Anyway, all the best to everyone and a happy new year!


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