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Saturday, September 5 2009, 01:43PM

Summer time

This summer, I've devoted practically all my free time on two things: work and snowboarding!

SnowWorld (in-doors ski/snowboarding facility) offers various kinds of membership subscriptions, lasting from anywhere between a month to a year.
They also offer one specific membership subscription which lasts for the entire months of July and August and costs only 100 Euros (normally it'll cost 25 EUR to snowboard for 4 hours).
Needless to say, I bought that option! :P

I gained a lot of new skills on the park from all that boarding, I could already do frontside 180s and several grabs (indy, method, mindy, nose/tail grabs, etc) but new things I can now do are: frontside 360, backside 180, backside half-cab (which is a frontside 180 but you pop it riding in switch — it's backwards due to the fact it's a trick which is normally performed in a half-pipe).
Especially the backside 180 took me the longest time to be able to do, because I was scared to throw my board blind-sided (in fact, I was able to do the frontside 360 before I could do the backside 180 :P).

Aside from those trick I went to several placed to snowboard, including Snow Planet, which had a seemingly nice park (from pictures) but was actually not all that fantastic.
It did, however, have a HUGE jump which is the largest one I've done to date!
So far, there hasn't been a single jump I didn't dare to take! :D

I've also bought a new snowboard tailored specifically for the park: the K2 WWW, 2009 model.
It cost me only 190 Euro's because it was the 2009 model. :P
(I was actually considering getting the K2 Parkstar, 2010 model, which comes with the new Jib Rocker technology, but I decided I could always buy it later. :))


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