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Your skills are satisfactory for the Meiji era, but had you been in Kyoto near the end of the Edo dynasty, your skills would have gotten you killed.Saito Hajime
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Friday, April 9 2010, 10:02AM


Just a quick addition to my previous entry: little over a week ago, I've done my first few backflips on an actual "kicker"!

It took me 30 straight airs to muster up the courage to throw it and the first time I fell on my back because I didn't commit (I bought a back protector to attempt inverts, so I was fine).
After that first fall, I knew what it'd take to make it around so I went right up and did it again without hesitation and stomped it!

After that first successful backflip I've done it consecutively for 7 or 8 times without ever falling, so I've pretty much got this one in the bag. :)

Also: backflips are easy, I know that, but it's sort of a gateway to other inverted tricks so it feels good to have this down. :)

Oh, and thanks to Pepijn for witnessing/filming the event. :D


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