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Saturday, May 1 2004, 03:59AM

Kernel 2.6.5.

I finally made the switch from 2.4.22 to 2.6(.5)!
I was concidering this a long time, but because of issues I had in the past when trying to go from 2.4.22 to 2.6.0 (had to re-install Gentoo — boot partition was somehow corrupted), I never did change.
Now, I did it step-by-step, and with the official sources from kernel.org.
Everything runs fine now, and noticably faster (kind of).

I only encountered two problems when I booted.
On of which was that I forgot to turn on VGA support for FrameBuffer support in the console.
Therefore, I kept having a black screen when booting (boot parameter: vga=792).
The other being that I forgot to also compile the correct NIC. :P

I turned those on (booted back to 2.4.22 real quick), fixed them, put everything in their place and everything worked fine now.

I didn't even need to re-compile the ALSA driver.
I did however need to re-install the NVIDIA driver, but that was expected.

But in the end, I'm glad I finally made the switch. :)


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