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Thursday, September 2 2004, 02:52PM

Sailormoon, Dutch intro video!

I was checking Wikipedia and it just so happened when I was looking for anime titles, I came across Sailor Moon.
Which got me to thinking that I used to watch it on TV two years ago.
That being the case, I quickly scurried over to Google to check up on some sites.

After searching for a string (I don't remember which), I came across sailormusic.net.
Now that's where my nostalgia kicked in.

I remember back when I was watching the show on TV, that I really liked the Dutch version of the intro theme.
Which made me so nostalgic that I went over and searched for it on that site, I downloaded nearly every song, and all the MIDI's, and, no luck. :(

So then I went back to Google — Google is my friend — and searched for a few obvious strings, like I did two years ago.
No good results.

Then I remembered that the German version of the song was the exact same song, only in german.
So I searched for the German intro.
And eventually, I found the german intro song (in WMA) through the Internet Archive (obviously, because the original site was put offline).

On that very same site was a Dutch person who said he liked the Dutch version very much himself, and posted the lyrics of the Dutch version.
Now, with a phrase of that Dutch version, I searched — yet again — on Google.
And surely enough, I found a site which hosted the Dutch version of the song, and, better yet, the intro movie!

- Dutch Intro Movie (RM)
- Dutch Intro Music (MP3)

Download it while it's online!

Oh, and, for my dear readers who are/were on the same quest (Hallo daar, Nederlanders!): when the files are offline, just contact me and I'll try and help you. :)


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