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Thursday, September 9 2004, 07:00AM

Hacked up BitTorrent.

I just hacked up BitTorrent, it now downloads without asking for a folder or file to save in/as (set it to a fixed folder) and it automatically closes once its finished downloading, so it can start the next download (through a simple bash script).

The reason why I did this is not because I like leeching downloads.
The reason I did this was because I'm currently downloading the entire first season of Sailormoon (bite me :)), and I can't wake up at 4AM each day to set up the next download.
So I needed to make it an automated process.

This was especially a nice thing to do since I've never really did anything in Python, and this gave me a nice glimpse into it.
And, I'm impressed!
Python really is a flexible language, and extremely easy.

The above hack took me only 5 minutes!

I dare say Python is easier to learn than, say, PHP or Perl.
Then again, I already know PHP and a portion of Perl.

In any even, it's a very easy language to pick up.


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