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Thursday, January 15 2004, 03:57PM

Finished watching Last Exile.

Yesterday-evening I watched episodes 16 to 21, and just now, I watched 22 to 24.
This anime is so awesome, I've really enjoyed watching it.
It ends well (more or less).
I hope they'll make more episodes, or a second season of it, or something — anything.

Yesterday, I set a few downloads up for transfering at night.
Bomberman Jetterz episode 1 to 4 and Hundred Stories episode 1 to 7.
All finished downloading this morning, and I'm now downloading the remaining Bomberman Jetterz episodes.

I decided to download Bomberman Jetterz on the count of me being a SNES fan and all. :)
I wanted to see what this anime is like.
I'm downloading Hundred Stories on behalf of Blasty, a long-time friend.
It's some kind of Horror series, he says.
So I'll check what that's all about. :)

Well, enough ranting for now..


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