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Friday, October 1 2004, 03:58PM


I'm finally learning SQL (Structured Query Language)!

I've been scripting and coding for so long now, but I have never even touched SQL (well, once, through Microsoft Access, when I was learning ASP.. but since I quit ASP very quickly afetr picking it up — hated it with a passion — I never got around to fully learn/use SQL after that).

Anyway, I've installed MySQL two hours ago to help me, and so far I've already learned a whole lot.
I know the basics (creating/deleting/editing databases/tables/rows, basic querying with sorting/searching/"WHERE"-conditions, etc).

W3 Schools helped me a lot, in fact, it's the only resource I used to learn SQL.
Well, I did use Google, but only for two specific things; MySQL user-management and changing column data types.

Anyway, I've stopped for today, but I'll pick up where I left off, tomorrow.

Oh, on a side-addition, aside from all of this SQL-talk:
My big brother gave me a 19 inch monitor!
Now I too can finally enjoy the beauty that is 1600x1200. :D


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