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Sunday, October 10 2004, 05:25PM

I'm still alive, everyone!

Yeah, I know.
I've not been adding a post for over a week (what the hell?).
I've been really busy with my internship, it really wears me out. :(

Anyway, I've finally finished my own made poll (source)!
I've been working on that, on-and-off, for the past two weeks, and I finally got around to finish it today.

Also, I'm going to Linux-World next wednesday.
I asked the day off to attend it. :)
I'm not sure what to expect, but I hear it's really cool.
Even Sun is going to be there!
I'm really looking forward to it.

Another thing I'm looking forward to, is the upcoming vacation next Friday. :D
And the weekend after that is the next NetGamez (LAN party)!

This week is going to be really awesome.
Not only because of the things above, but also because all public transportation is ging to stop on Thursday to protest, making it impossible for me to get to my internship or school (thus; the day off!).

Yep.. a lot of excitement on my part. :)


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