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Monday, November 1 2004, 04:47PM

Back from NetGamez!

Well, I'm back from the LAN party.
It was great to be there, except for the fact Linux (yes, the kernel) was, and still is, giving me a real hard time.
Something is wrong in the TCP/IP modules and I'm not sure what it is.
Everytime I get an upload, or I download a few files, I get bad packets.
My /var/log/syslog and /var/log/kern.log repeatedly kept adding a lot of lines saying that, and grew to file-sizes up to 700 MB each (thus crashing eventually, if not paying attention/stopping transfers and NULL-ing the files).
On top of that, the Direct Connect client DCGUI-QT keps having issues (not being able to connect, crashes, etc).

Eventually, I booted to my 20 GiB Windows XP Professional partition (tripple-boot, for games-only).
This presented me with another issue.
It couldn't write to EXT3 File Systems (I have a read-only driver to access the drives, though :)). :(
So now I had to download 18 GiB worth of things, reboot to Linux, copy the files to my other free drives at 4MiB/S (had 170 GiB free on seperate drives) and then boot back to Windows to download more.

This is really ridiculous and further more; annoying.
I'm hoping that 2.6.10 will have this fixed, until then I'm fine with it as I'm not that much of a downloader at home.

Anyway, I've compiled a list of the (little) things I've downloaded:
- List


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