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Friday, November 5 2004, 03:16AM

Counter-Strike: Source!

Since Netgamez, I've been playing Counter-Strike: Source non-stop.
I cannot get enough of this game!
Not only did it visually improve, the maps changed a bit, too.
Jumping has changed a lot, and the long-range aim of the AK47 has changed too.
It's still the superior weapon, but it's kind of.. I don't know, it has changed since Counter-Strike.

I'm trying to get my friend Ed to play, but he doesn't have a Steam account and since the NoSteam version of CS: Source is shit, he's stuck playing on cracked servers only (meaning; the one server he has that he can join).
I've sent the game to my good ol' CS buddy; Blasty, who I've recently started playing with.
I think it's fair to say that we've all lost skill since DutchCentral (RIP), especially since we've kind of abandoned Counter-Strike since then.
But we're improving a lot over time, and soon we might get as good as we were then.
I sure do hope so, because seeing Blasty play was a real treat a lot of the times.
Same goes for Ed though, being that he was a member of a very powerful clan that partook in many games on DutchCentral; Dork (his nickname used to be -=Dork^FuzzY=- — If I recall correctly).

Anyway, I know things have changed and the DutchCentral of then will never be back, but now that Counter-Strike is back, I know a lot of people will pick up on it again, if not just to check out the new engine.
Chances are I might run into another server with the same feel DutchCentral had back in the day.

P.S.: I know, I've downloaded it..  So sue me.  I will buy it once it hits stores here (Half Life 2 + CS: Source), no worries. ;)


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