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Wednesday, December 1 2004, 02:36PM


First, a quick notice: My IP changed again (wtf?:o).
My new IP is:

In case it changes again, I've created a small little shell-script which automagically uploads my new IP address every 30 minutes to:
That way, you can be sure (within a time-span of 30 minutes, anyway) of what my IP is.

Anyway, to continue, I was THIS close on pulling the plug on my weblog. :(

I had decided a little while ago I needed to get my act together because I've been so damn lazy towards programming and such.
Therefore, I had decided to give up a few things.
One of which was my weblog (hence the lack of entries).

Well anyway, I changed my mind on pulling the plug on my weblog but I did drop other things I was doing way too much of.
One of which is downloading and watching movies (to name just one thing).

I wanted to start something new, something fresh, something to keep my mind active while I'm still young and easy to adapt to new languages.
Therefore, I've started learning; Assembly (Linux, Ix86)!

I've made a start last weekend (4 hours straight on Saturday, and 5 and a half hours straight on Sunday), and I've so far learned the itty-bitty basics (the registers and the most common instructions).
I've found NASM to be the best assembler so far (syntax-wise), and started learning with that.
I created a few things to get me started into Assembly, nothing ground-breaking, but a start nonetheless.
The things I've made so far can be viewed at my Webserver (

More will be added as I progress! :D

Also, I finally found a way to get PHPS (PHP Sourcecode) files working on this host! :D:D


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