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Friday, December 17 2004, 02:47PM

Been a while.

Well, nothing really exciting happened.
I updated my skills page a few times.
I got a laugh out of this hilarious site: http://www.xftpx.com/ieonly.php.

Oh, most importantly, though.
I'm buying a Nintendo DS (Double Screen).
I was already planning to for a long while, and had already decided to buy it a while ago.
I've made plans together with ]{0MBAT for him to buy one (since it's not released here yet and won't be until about March 2005).
He's already bought the DS, Ridge Racer DS and Mario 64 DS and we're in the midst of payment.

If everything goes well I should have it within a week. :D

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm and semantics (I AM SO SORRY ACJ!), I'm really tired. :(


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