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Friday, February 11 2005, 02:31PM

Guitar lessons and other newies.

About three weeks ago, I've gotten a guitar from a friend of mine (Ed van der Molen/Fuzzy/Deus_Ed.)
I've been practising on my own a lot and I feel like I've got a grip on playing it.
He keeps telling me I'm progressing very rapidly and I've got a very keen sense for it.
He's teaching me trick after trick to improve my play and I explore things myself as well.

More recently I find myself playing tabs from my favourite band (ever); Puddle of Mudd.

I practice every day for at least an hour (mostly at night) and I'm planning on buying a new guitar in two weeks time (since the one he gave me has a snear missing since he gave it to me and is kind of busted up with cracks all over the place.)

As for the rest of the time, I'm very busy with my internship.
I really like the school I'm working for (as a Systems Manager,) and I really put a lot of efford into it.
They like having me as well, even the principal himself told me I did a very good job (which I hear he doesn't say very often).
Anyway, I've really shown my best qualities and behavior there and I'm really feeling like I'm contributing to the school itself.

I wish I had gone to that school when I was younger (where the term "younger" is used lightly, because the ages range from 12 to 19 as the school is a very high educational level variating from one or two levels away from university).

As you may guess, I'm putting some of my spare time and off-hours into the school as well, helping them out with their servers from home or creating PHP scripts to manage a database.

My instructors (three in total, of which two I spend most of the time with) are very nice, too.

Cyril Pool is kind of grumpy some times, but a fun to be around.
He knows his hardware and (naturally) his job mostly involves hardware.

Cyril Hanoeman is very skilled in a lot of areas.
He's very Novell-minded and knows his way around Linux, too.
He's doing all the software that needs to be installed, manages users, sets up network applications and knows more than what his job title is saying.

Then there is Martin van Willigen who does all the networking.
He knows basic Linux (works mostly through Midnight Commander though) and is very Microsoft-Minded.
The only things he stresses most is documentation of work which is, sorry to say, not my best quality.
But nevertheless, he's a cool guy and reminds me much of a person I knew online (DArqueBishop, staff of the MortalKombatOnline network.)

There is also another Intern from the same school as me (another location though) called Cihan Utu.
He knows his part in hardware and is trying to get familiar with Microsoft's Access at the moment, heh.
Anyway, he's an okay guy.
Listens to Hip-Hop, makes mixes through the use of Fruity Loops and has a cool car with loud boxes, etc.
The kind of stereotypical person in Rotterdam, I'd say.
Still though, he's a fun guy.

In other activities, I'm still playing on my Nintendo DS and I'm keeping a regular check on new developments, hacks and cracks.

I just recently (finally :P) finished Super Mario 64 DS. :)

I'm stuck in a certain level in Ridge Racer DS though, which made me (kind of) lose interest in the game.
But I'll pick it up in a while and re-check my chances, eventually. :)

Well, that's about it for what's going on in my life right now.
I'm like where I am right now, except for work hours (getting up at 6:30AM and returning home at 6:00PM,) but I'll live. :)


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