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Sunday, February 27 2005, 05:24PM


A few hours ago, an old friend of mine gave me a link to New Order which contained a page explaining the programming language called "BrainFuck" (because it may/can cause a headache, I guess).
The language itself is really easy and is much like Assembly in a way.
It's a real fun language to play around in.

Having read the page, I write two little programs (two exercises mentioned on the page) to test if I could actually write something myself.

I first compiled the C source of the compiler, then created a little script to automate compiling:
obfc $1.bf -nv -c $1.c && cc $1.c -o $1

And I created the two programs.

The first one was to write out my own name (I actually already did this before I even saw the exercise).
The BF code:
Which will write out: Agilo

Then the second one, to print out the ASCII table (notice I skip the first 32 characters on purpose):

This language is really awesome, in my mind.

I'll try and write some more programs as time progresses.

By the way, thanks Jort!


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