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Monday, March 7 2005, 06:31PM

Maktone chips.

About four or five years ago, my father downloaded a game for me I really wanted to play, that game was Black & White.
The game, having been cracked, came with a custom installer created by Class.
The program also featured some music to go with the installation process.
One of those music tunes (a chip) was created by Maktone and I really liked it.
In fact, I liked it so much, I kept the installer program long after I finished playing the game itself.
The tune really catched on and I could listen to it for hours without being bored by it.
I kept the installer over the years, listening to it once a while (it really is a good tune).

Anyway, the day came (multiple times) I wanted to have the music seperate from the installer, but I was unable to rip it myself.
I even tried recording it through a loopback (my dad did it for me at the time).
Unfortunately, every method I tried resulted in quality loss. :(

Well, as you may know, last year I installed Gentoo Linux and I was from that point unable to listen to the song anymore (Cedega/Wine didn't work with it), so it got lost in some of my older files.

A few months ago, I installed Windows XP Pro as a dual boot to be able to play the one game I love to play; Counter-Strike (and since shortly; Half-Life 2) and came across the installer again (by a sheer coincidence).

Anyway, I started checking google again in search of "maktone" and sure enough, I found his site!

I gave it a quick browse, downloaded all the music files I could get and started checking if the tune from the installer would be included in the files I'd downloaded.
And I eventually found the file (SAE03.MOD) I'd been looking for all these years!

The URL to his site:

What's more, I really like the rest of his chips.
I'm listening to them a lot now, there are some very awesome tunes in there (even one of Super Mario World!).

I wrote an entry in his guestbook, hoping he'll notice me.
Perhaps he'll drop me a line, who knows.

Anyway, check out some of his stuff, the chips are really awesome!


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