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Friday, March 11 2005, 01:58PM

Nintendo DS, European launch (differences!).

Well, my friend Ed got his Nintendo DS today, since it launched today in the Netherlands.
I've already had it since September.

However, when we fired up multiplayer it seems that the American version of Metroid Prime: First Hunt demo is different than the European one!

You can not play multiplayer together.
Not even with Download play.

You can spot three main differences in the splash screen:
Copyright notice reads 2004 in the US version and 2004-2005 in the European version.
The hidden egg is gone (the lighting dot in the US version).
The font color of Hunters (in the top screen) is different.

Further more, in the top screen on the main menu in the US version you can see some text discribing the suit, there is no such text in the European version!

We've also noticed changes in Mario DS, mainly:
The US version of Mario DS starts up a bit faster than the Eurpean one
In the title screen, the US © has been changed to ™ (in the European version).

Also, I don't know if this is a big thing or not, but both DS' seem to be giving connection problems (connection is unstable and lags sometimes) on both PictoChat and Mario DS, it seems fine in my US version of Ridge Racer, though.

Anyway, we still love the Nintendo DS, just minor annoyances, y'know.

Although I am dissapointed at not being able to play multiplayer Metroid. :(


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