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Sunday, April 3 2005, 12:33PM

Old news items.

I know I've been neglecting this weblog for a while, it's due to the fact I'm real busy working on stuff for my school and internship.

Therefore, some important news (to me, anyway), I was unable to post.
Hence this entry.

King Crimson

The last few weeks I've been completely overwhelmed by the music of King Crimson.
I first heard one of their songs (Moonchild) in a movie called Buffalo '66 some years ago.
Back then, I already loved the music of this film (much was done by Vincent Gallo) and tried to find the songs online, unfortunately I was unable to find any.
So, a few months ago I saw this movie on TV again and it reminded me of the music.
After the movie was over, I went to my computer and tried to find the music once again.
This attempt led me to a site which held the entire The Court Of The Crimson King album!
Not only did I get to listen to Moonchild again, but the entire album!

Because of that and the fact Ed van der Molen helped me find my way with other Progressive Rock bands (Dream Theater, The Flower Kings, Symphony X, Spock's Beard and many others), much of my taste in music changed.

Getting back to King Crimson; Ed gave me another album by King Crimson entitled: Discipline which is, also, mindblowing.
I liked this album so much that I set out to find more of King Crimson, so I went to a store which sells (amung other things) music, DVD's, computers, etc. and I found a DVD by King Crimson called Deja VROOOM.
I went to one of the preview counter (they let you preview CD's and DVD's) to check it out.
After watching and listening to two songs, I knew I had to get this DVD, so I purchased it.

This DVD is so amazing, it's a dual-layer DVD filled with King Crimson music from various albums, performed on-stage!
I even like some songs better than they are on the recordings (which is absolutely rare, in my case because I usually hate live performances).

Anyway, I'm still on the prowl for new material I can get, and hopefully am able to obtain more music. :)

New Design for my webserver

I've started working on a new design for my webserver.
This design is new in every way (to my standards), meaning several things:
This design...
...has a menu on the left of the page.
...conforms to not only XHTML 1.0 Strict, but also to WAI-AA.
...is an actual web-site now, instead of a portal.
...will be easier to convert to XHTML 1.1 than the old design.

In all, it's better than its (current) predecessor.

Netgamez 2005A

I went to Netgamez 2005A to compete in the Counter-Strike tournament, together with my little brother, big brother (who didn't play anything, he just downloaded like a monkey) and a friend of mine.
Ed was also planning on going but he didn't have transportation, so he couldn't make it.
We needed to recruit two people there as well, because we needed a team of five players.
Anyway, to keep it short, we lost big time and we sucked (sure, we have our excuses, but that's what it comes down to).
The teams there were just way too good.
Perhaps next time.

Anyway, I also downloaded some stuff there, you can check out the list:
File: files/list_netgamez_2005a

Moved my room to the attic

I moved my room from the first floor to the attic (my old brothers' old room).
This room is so much bigger, and I now have everything in one room (after my big brother moved out, my PC was in the room and my bedroom was on the first floor).
The only thing that I dislike is the noise my (self-made) router makes, I am unable to get to sleep properly because of it.
I tried to remove the cooler from the power supply (which was the thing which made the most noise) but, of course, you can't just remove it.  It'll overheat..
Replacing it was impossible due to the fact that my collection of coolers all make noise as well (except for the ones that are currently in my PC).
I'm still bothered by this to this day, and am on the look-out for a better cooler, or a replacement PC to take over as router (I have two other working PC's).

Anyway, my room kicks ass now, I even have a couch in this room, it's so big. :)

A lot of old news, there must have been things I forgot to mention now but I'll try and update more often.


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