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Saturday, January 17 2004, 04:09AM


I just watched the remaining 6 episodes to Tsukihime.
(A quick note; this anime is also known as Moon Princess.)
I think it's a very good Anime, not as good as Last Exile, or Rurouni Kenshin, but I certainly enjoyed watching it. :)
I really like the story, and the way it's drawn.
It really gives a nice feeling to this series.

I'm downloading heaps of Spiral episodes at the moment.
Yet I really am clueless to what it is, heh.
I guess I'll see when I check the first few episodes.
If I dislike it, I can always delete everything.
It's going at 230 KB/S (constant), and I'm going to bed now.
Sleep, and such.
So I'll just see where I'm at in the morning. :)


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