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Friday, June 17 2005, 11:32AM

End of my internship.

Well, the time has come for me to end my internship.
Today was officially my last day and I would like to thank a few people through my weblog.

First of all, I would like to thank Cyril Hanoeman for being so supportive throughout my time with him.
You've not been so easy when I started out but as time progressed we really seemed to get along fantastically.
You seemed to be the only one to really understand me most, not just superficially, and encourage and motivate me a lot.
Not a lot of people could see beyond my exterior like you could.
You really made me feel my best at the time I've spent with you.
And if that isn't enough, you gave me the opportunity (on more than a few occasions :P) to develop myself socially.
I've not found anyone in my life able to do that for me and I thank you deeply for that.

I would also like to thank Cyril Pool for trying to be the best he could be towards me.
You've been a nice colleague to work with and I am very appreciative of your good advice.
I also want to thank you for going out on a whim and help me get some type of salary for my internship. :)

Then I'd like to thank Martin van Willigen for being the most that he could.
I think it was hard for you to accept me when I started out as it was hard for me trying to get along with you.
After a few months we did seem to get along better and better and you finally showed me that you did respect me in a way to actually notice me (not just give me tasks to carry out :P).
In all, it was nice and very informative working with you.

I'd also like to thank Kay Vervoorn for being such a cool guy to work with. :P
Our taste in music didn't seem to differ all that much and it was fun being able to talk with someone about some of the music I listened to.
It was also nice to be able to talk to someone about my web-projects and web-developments in general.

I also want to thank Cihan Utu and Lorenzo van Nieuwkerk.
I know both your stays were less pleasant, especially when you just started out.
You both have been nice to work with and I think it's a shame things turned out sour for you guys.
I wish you both good luck with your future education and/or careers.

But most of all, I want to thank a very special girl to me; Mirella, for being so incredibly nice towards me.
You've been the first girl in my life that has ever been so kind and sweet towards me and in doing so, you've given me so much confidence and reason, you have no idea how much that means to me.
Your smile/wave/greet/talk always made my day seem perfect no matter how my day initially was going and really made me feel great.
Getting to know you and be around you have been the best moments in my life so far.

Now that I have all this off my chest (and believe me; it wasn't easy for me to write all this down), I can reflect on myself. :P

I've had a really good, wonderful and educative time at the VOS.
I've learned a lot throughout my time there and I will undoubtedly be able to use my gained knowledge in the rest of my education.


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