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Thursday, June 23 2005, 09:07AM

It's Blogging Time!

So, last Saturday I went out (for the first time ever) to a disco called Hollywood Music Hall with a friend of mine and a neighbour. :)
First, we went for some drinks in some bar and then we entered the disco (at 00:50AM).
We stayed until 4:25, when we took a night-bus back home.
In all, I had a real good time and am keen on doing it again, soon. :)

Yesterday, I studied a number called Made Alive/Overture by Spock's Beard on my guitar.
It took me a while to get to know the chords, but it wasn't all that hard.
I can play it now and I'm really liking it. :D
Mad props to Ed for teaching me how to tune my guitar down by one step. :P

And, today, I bought by third music album, ever. :)
I bought Dream Theater - Metropolis PT2: Scenes From A Memory for EUR 11,99.
I listened to three sample songs in the store and I liked it so much, I bought it right away.
I'm thinking of buying a shirt with the album-cover as inprint (have been considering this for a while, but I never listened to the album before).

Also, I've been jamming a lot lately with another friend of mine; Michel.
He plays bass (recently bought his first bass guitar) and is really progressing with it.
This friday I'll be attending another jamm-night at a local youth centre and maybe he'll be able to play on-stage, too. :)

Anyway, so much for now.
I'm still relaxing from my free time now that my internship has come to its end.
I do think I need to get back to programming, though.
But right now, I want to relax a bit, get things sorted out and stuff. :)


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