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Saturday, July 2 2005, 01:16PM

Went out, danced, got drunk.

Well, I went out yesterday with a classmate of mine (Nick de Lange — jeweettoch :D).
We went out to Hollywood Music Hall again, like before.
I had two free entrance tickets which allowed us to get in for free and we also got two free drinks (two small lousy little bull-shit drinks which tasted like cough-sirup :().

So anyway, when we were in and had those drinks, we decided to check out the dance floors in some of the rooms (there are multiple rooms with different kinds of music) and get some more drinks to get myself loosened up a bit (this is normal for me since I am a shy little boy exploring the world.. and stuff.. :P).

So, after a few drinks and dancing and stuff, I really started to feel the effect of the alcohol I drank (note that I don't drink alcohol a lot) allowing me to loosen up a bit, take a bit more chance.
I've done this the last two times I've gone out, no big deal.

So this time, I decided to stretch my limit a bit by drinking a bit more.
And after a while, it really took me more efford to stand on my feet and so we took a short break in the lounge area outside.
Then when we went back in, I had considerable difficulty trying to walk, let alone dance at all.
So after a while, Nick told me we should better call it a night (I recall this was around 3:00 AM, or something like that).

So we made our way to the stop for the night-bus and waited a while for it to arive.
Nick needed to be on a different bus, which arived prior to mind, and I recall telling the bus-driver where I needed to get off and I took a seat, nearly dozing off on several occasions (I recall being so far off the planet, I was actually singing out loud by myself, in the bus :S).

So, when I got home (I have no recollection of what time it was, by then) I recall waking up my mom who told me something (I'll be damned if I remember what it was) and making my way to bed (more like dropping myself on the bed, actually).

So, this morning, I got up at, like, 10 AM with the biggest headache I've had in a long time, still being able to hear the music pounding inside my head.
The reason I woke up was my thirst.
I drank tons of water from the sink and ran into my mom again who adressed me on my being drunk the other night (casual, not at all mad), and told me I should get some more sleep.
So, I went up to my bed and got a bit more sleep.

I woke up again at 4:50 PM. :o

So, in short; yesterday was awesome, and I got to experience my first real hang-over (not my first time being drunk, though.  I've gotten drunk a few times in the past). :P


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