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Saturday, July 16 2005, 04:51PM


I've been waiting too long to write this weblog entry.
I can now officially say that I'm writing my very first songs together with my friend Michel. :)

We're seemingly progressing along very nicely, we have 4 concept ideas we can work out now and we have one song which is in mid-completion.
I've found this very awesome riff on my guitar which just came out of no-where (I was just fiddling around the fret-board, as a matter of speech :P) which we are trying to build a song around.
Michel keeps finding these very awesome (high tone) bass lines for it, it's a real catchy tune already.
It definitely has potential. :)

I'm also writing one song by myself which is also progressing nicely.
Not much info on it yet, I want to work it out before I show anyone. :)


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