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Tuesday, July 19 2005, 05:36PM

Lost my wallet!!

Today, I had intended to go to the music store Feedback to buy a guitar tuner (with built-in metronome),
I had intended to wake up early, leave quickly and get it, so afterwards me and Michel could jamm together.

I slept in, by accident (I have a tendency to turn off my alarm and continue sleeping — I have two alarm clocks, one of which is controlled by PC, which I'm programmed myself).
So I finally did wake up when Michel called me by phone asking if I'd already gone to Feedback.
I told him I hadn't, and he told me he'd go along with me.
We decided to have a quick lunch before going, as we both hadn't eaten anything yet.
So we went to Burger King where we ate and we left when we finished, heading for the train to get to Feedback.
When arriving at the train station, I suddenly realised that I didn't have my wallet on me!
I rushed back to Burger King in hopes of retaining my lost wallet but it was no longer there! :(

No-one had seen my wallet, I asked around and looked where we sat, but nothing. :(

I had 120 EUR (~ 150 dollars) in my wallet (I took it with me in case the guitar I ordered had arrived at Feedback), my ID, my my bank card and a few other cards, goddamnit (sorry, must be said — I'm extremely pissed about this).

So, I quickly canceled my bank card (had to call about that) and filed in a report at the police in order to obtain a new ID card.

I don't know what else to place in here for now.
I'm really fucking mad about all this. :(


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