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Thursday, July 28 2005, 12:33PM

Late entry, much happened.

I've been working on a new weblog system, which has prevented me from making any new entries to this (old) one.
It's near completion as far as showing weblog entries goes, I just need to add the remaining admin area to it and it'll be done.
No sneak previews yet, but it will be done (hopefully) within a week.

Now, as far as new things go:
I've pre-ordered Nanostray from Lik-Sang which shipped when the shipment came in and it has already arrived (Over a week passed since I made the pre-order. :P).
The game is very cool and very graphical.
I've noticed it's unable to maintain a steady Frames-Per-Second (FPS) count when in multiplayer mode and both ships are in and under fire due to the intense graphics.
I've not seen that happen in single player, though (thankfully), but it does say a lot about the graphics in this game.
It's amazing!

I've also bought Bomberman DS for the Nintendo DS a few weeks ago (never did mention that in my weblog).
I don't have much to say on it, other than the fact it's a cool game. :P

I also bought that guitar tuner I was talking about in my last entry.
It works really well and the built-in metronome is really a plus.

I'm still waiting on my new guitar to arrive at Feedback, though.
I hope I'll be able to pick it up without much trouble (because I lost the pre-order receipt — I kept it in my wallet which got stolen :().
I'm sure it'll be alright. :)

I've also gone out again last Saturday (5th or 6th time now) with my neighbour; Erik, but this time I didn't go to Hollywood MusicHall, instead, I went to WaterFront.
I liked the place, it was really laid back and there was some pretty decent music.

I heard a lot about Now&Wow, I really want to go there next time I go out.
I hear the bouncers are pretty strict on policies, though (the way you look/dress, etc).
I'm going to the birthday party of Nick de Lange (jeweettoch!) on the 13th of August, and afterwards (in the night) we'll be going to Now&Wow, so I guess we'll see what happens then. :)

And a few days ago, I bought three new Spock's Beard CD's (all special editions): The Light; The Kindness Of Strangers; Beware Of Darkness.
I think all three are very excellent CD's, and I'm playing them constantly.
To have a very small and funny excerpt from the lyrics: I am Senor Valasco, I drink my milk with tabasco!. :D

I guess that covers most of what happened.
Stay tuned for my new weblog which will be here soon! :)


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