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Tuesday, August 16 2005, 04:41PM

Band news and Nick's birthday!

So, I can officially say that Ed, Michel and I have formed a band together.
We don't have a name yet, but we do have ideas and are on the verge of writing some pretty good music.
We're planning on making a Progressive Rock Opera album.
Can't say much more at this time, sorry. :D

Saturday, I went to birthday party of Nick de Lange (Nick de Lange told me to stop using his full name; Nick de Lange, because he didn't like me saying "Nick de Lange" all the time in my weblog.  So therefore, "Nick de Lange" will now be knows as "Nick", not as "Nick de Lange".  Happy now, Nick de Lange?  Good. :D).
It started off where he and I met in teh city to go see the Dance Parade in Rotterdam.
From there, we left to go pick up some food at Nick's work and proceeded to go to his house.
We had a barbeque there together with all the attendees, which was really cool.
I laughed my ass off listening to some of the stories being told by some people, it was really a kick-ass party. :D
Not to mention all the alcohol which went into it.
Nick's brother actually got so drunk by the end of the evening that he threw up all over the place.
Another girl who was there also got really drunk (she needed help getting back to the car), haha.
Yeah, the party was fucking awesome. :D

After that, Nick and me had already planned to go to Now&Wow, but since one of the girls who came with us (who got dressed to go with us) got some beer spilled all over her, she didn't want to take the risk of getting bounced, so we (we ended up as a group of five; me, Nick, Pandora & A.K.A. Paddo &, a guy who's name I forgot and that guy's girlfriend) unanimously agreed that we should go to Hollywood (which kind of irked me at the time but I guessed it would be just the same).

When arriving at Hollywood and had already danced a bit, Nick started to feel kind of nauseous and decided it was time for him to leave. :(

I ended up going home with the last night-bus, at 4:30 AM.

It was too bad Nick felt sick, but other than that, it was a really cool day. :)


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