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Thursday, October 13 2005, 02:31AM

Spock's Beard concert and Busy weekend.

Last Friday, I went to the Spock's Beard concert in De Kade (in Zaandam).
The concert was spectacular, both amazing and very awesome!

Getting there was one hell of a trip, though and don't get me started about the trip back home.

In short (shortest I could make it):
5:00 PM, Left home by train (one train was cancelled, so we had to re-route our trip).
8:00 PM, Got to busses in Zaandam, the busses drove us to the road we told him and we had to walk 60 minutes to get to there (later we asked if there was a shorter way of getting from there to the train station, they told us if we walked a certain way it'd only take us 10 minutes :().
9:00 PM, Finally arrived at De Kade!
12:15 AM, Awesome concert ended. :(  Bought a SB T-shirt! :D
3:33 AM, Finally arrived in Rotterdam (there were no more night-busses, so we either had to walk home, or wait for the first trains/metro to start running again).
4:15 AM, We decided to start walking home the 20 kilometers.
5:45 AM, We gave up, we were all too tired from the long day we already had.  Ed called his parents to pick us up.
6:05 AM, Finally arrived back home (fell asleep on my bed like a brick, slept until 7:00 PM!).

And as far as the rest of the weekend in concerned:
Saturday I went out with Nick to a big party at Hollywood Music Hall which was great fun, as usual :);
Sunday I went to the snowboarding Nokia Big Air world cup which was very cool to watch;
Monday I went snowboarding with Nick in Snow World (soon I'll also go there with my ex-internship colleague; Martin van Willigen :)). :D


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