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Tuesday, October 25 2005, 09:22AM

Guitar piece.

A few months ago I downloaded a lot of guitar movies (instruction videos and impressive music videos) which I watch on occasions.
A few weeks ago I watched a movie called John Petrucci - Young Guitar - Demonstrations.avi in which there was a certain lick (guitar part) which I didn't know what song it was from.
I asked band-mate; Ed, if he knew which song it belonged to.
He said it was probably a song from John Petrucci's (only) album Suspended Animation, and said I'd probably not find it (for downloading).

Stubborn as I am, I searched anyway and after some 40 minutes I finally found a BitTorrent link (in your face, Ed! :P).

After downloading it (with 60 KB/s, Ed! :D) and reviewing it (it rocks!) I finally found the song which the lick originated from; Animate-inanimate.

Having found that, I searched for the guitar tabs and found a decent (if not, perfect) one of it on
ultimate-guitar.com. :)

I now know how to play the song (starting from where the finger-positions start) through to the end. :D
It's hard to match John's speed, though.
I can play it at about 2/3rd of his speed. :P

Still though, with enough practice I can make this work (it's really an awesome lick!).
I've practicing it for the last two days straight (whenever I can). :P

Btw, a bit of side-info: I've fixed a few minor bugs in this weblog (mainly in the search engine and in the entries-per-page functions).
There's also a slight bug with how the pages are shown (select Page 1 and compair it with the fron-page), but since it doesn't matter much I'll leave it be (I don't wnat to completely re-invent the function :().


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