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Monday, November 14 2005, 12:59PM

New guitar piece!

I've started learning to play a part of Dream Theater's A Change Of Seasons called Parte Diem. :)
I can already play the piece from its beginning (starting at 7:00 — The seventh minute into the song) until near the end (at 8:23).
Still have some way to go but I've already learned the part I wanted to play. :D
The rest is just extra (to finish off the song properly). :)

I am having a lot of trouble playing the bridge right, in the correct tempo (impossible for me, so far) but other than that I can play it in pace and on tempo (I do make some small mistakes with some grips, though, but I can work that off with practice). :)

Oh, and yeah, I still need/want to learn the rest of Anime-inanimate (from John Petrucci). :x


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