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Friday, November 25 2005, 03:49PM

Short bits and pieces...

The weather was fucking horrible the entire day throughout the Netherlands (forecast shows that tomorrow won't be much different — might actually be getting worse).
Just thought that needed mentioning. :P

Today was fun, though, I went to the HCC fair in Utrecht, played some new games, placed 3rd in a small Call of Duty tournament, placed third and first (twice) in a small Mario Kart DS tournament (won a Nintendo DS keychain and a small decorative Nintendo DS button for a shirt — not the round and cheap ones you see everywhere :P).
My little brother actually bought Mario Kart DS today; it's a very awesome game (which I too want to buy).
On my way back home, we got stuck in the train for about an hour (at least we had a bit of fun while waiting).

I've finally found a way to speed up the bridge section of Carpe Diem by Dream Theater by a small tweak in how I grip the chords.
I still need to let them ring properly but at least I have the speed down now. :)

In closing, in short (thought this is worth mentioning shortly and vaguely :)); I met a girl on-line (I know, shut up): Vlora. :) <3


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