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Monday, December 5 2005, 09:38AM


Two entries ago, I wrote briefly about that I'd met a girl on-line named: Vlora. <3
I met her on this profile site called SuperDudes/SugaBabes (A Dutch variant of MySpace) where I have my own profile.
After some 20-ish private messages we decided to add eachother on MSN's instant messenger: MSN Messenger so we could talk off-site.
On-line (and on the phone) everything went alright and we connected real well, we share a lot of common interrests and some hobbies.
So we had initially planned on having a meet last week (since she doesn't live too far from where I do) but due to circumstances that didn't happen then.
So last Saturday we planned another meet which did suit us both.

We met in Spijkenisse Centrum at around 1PM last saturday where I was greeted by her with the sweetest hug I've ever had. :)
We spent our time together talking and going to a music store which sold guitars, amps, records and other instruments where I played a few things that I could on some very awesome (and low-priced) guitars. :P

Anyway, I like her a lot and I think I have fallen in love with her (and she with me). :o :) <3


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