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Friday, December 9 2005, 11:20AM

HP 9000 (Model E55).

I was talking with one of my teachers the other day and we were talking about some hardware that was lying around (parts of an HP 9000 (Model E55) server).
After he told me what they were I told him that I'd kill for a functional machine like that and that I'd like to try it out to see what's possible on its hardware and architecture.
He told me that I could have one fully-assembled machine of the same type and take it home with me.
The only draw-back would be that it doesn't have a terminal to operate it. :(

Anyway, I took it home with me today (thanks to my class-mate Achmad for helping me carry the damn thing :P — it's as heavy as lead, sorta, kinda-ish; it's very, very heavy :P) and took it appart to have a look at what's inside.
I then looked on the internet to find what information I could on the thing.

It's a pretty neat piece of hardware and I hope that HP-UX is still installed on the harddisk that's inside, otherwise I may put Gentoo Linux for HP/PA on it.

My intentions are just that out of curiosity, I don't have any plans to run anything of real value on it (yet).
Maybe that'll come in the future (if possible). :)

I can't wait to fire this thing up. :D


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