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Thursday, December 15 2005, 01:13PM

Google Homepage Image Selector.

Yesterday, Google released the Google Homepage API including some new widgets.
I saw the widgets and I found them to be very cool, so I took a look at the sources of some of them and came to realise that I could make my own modules.

So, I took the Developer Guide and while doing that, I got the idea for making an image-placeholder, so people could have some personal picture in their Google Homepage.

I've finished it (to my liking) and made it ready for publication:

Screenshot of the Image Selector module
Screenshot of the Image Selector.

I've also sent it in to be added to Google's index (someone will probably have done something similar since this isn't really anything ground-breaking, but still, it's my first little module to try out the API. :P).

Anyway, one thing about the module: if you're using the Developer Module be sure to set this module to be "inlined" so that the image you select isn't being cut-through (so you don't need to scroll in the iframe).


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