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Wednesday, December 28 2005, 03:45PM

Auto Paragraphs!

I wrote a small extension to my weblog that will create paragraphs from my entries.
I used to just place a line-break after every line I type (even empty ones) but this way it's a bit more semantically correct (see the source to fully understand what I'm talking about).

You can also see the source of my weblog (look for the paragraphs() function).
It took me (literally) two hours to write it (I'm not really that great with regular expressions, but I have to say this was a real cool learning experience).

I want to thank Matt for his auto-paragraph script, it helped me understand how to tackle certain problems I was facing. :)

Also, I did get some presents on Christmas!
It was on the second day of Christmas that I recieved a Sega GameGear and a small keyboard (Casio SA-10) from my brother and his girlfriend.
Cool gifts, I'm playing with them daily now. :)
At least I can play some keyboard again. :P


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