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Saturday, December 31 2005, 08:16AM

Happy New Year!

Well, the time finally came; Happy New Year everyone! :)

As a reflection on last year, I've come to do a lot of things I've never done before:

  • I went out for the first time in the summer (and been going out since :P);
  • I had my first tastes of love (however little it may have been);
  • I've gotten to get quite a lot of work done on the computer (learned some new programming languages such as Assembly, worked out lots of projects in PHP, etc.);
  • I've sought out what I want to do in the near-future (as far as my education is concerned);
  • I've learned how to play the guitar (and will obviously continue playing :P) and formed a band with friends (Ed and Michel);

As for my New Year's resolution?; probably the same as it's ever been: to get myself a relationship. :P
Other than that, I wouldn't know, really.
I don't think I have many other things I look forward to be doing next year, I'll see when time comes. :)

Anyway, this'll be my last entry to make this year, again: Happy New Year!


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