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Saturday, January 7 2006, 07:26PM

Windows Vista and.. Robert Fripp?

Robert Fripp, the founding member of the band King Crimson, is doing the music for Windows Vista!

Channel 9 posted an article about it (together with a 25 minute duration video of Robert creating soundscapes on his guitar) on its website just a few days ago (thanks to James LaBove (kryptondog) for pointing it out to me).

A picture of Robert Fripp creating soundscapes for Windows Vista
Robert Fripp creating soundscapes for Windows Vista on his guitar.

The video shows Robert Fripp creating various soundscapes for Windows Vista (a good four hours worth) and I'm really glad they chose him to do it.
There is no-one who can create better soundscapes than him (that I know of, anyway :P). :)

When I install Windows Vista (I'll probably try it once; I'll most definitely not change my main OS: Gentoo Linux, to it, though) I'll think twice about disabling the sound scheme's. :P :)


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