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Tuesday, January 17 2006, 08:25AM

English Assignment (part 1).

My latest English assignment was awesome.
So awesome, in fact, that I've decided to share it with everyone.
It wasn't so much the assignment that was so awesome, it's more the grade I got from my teacher (read on to find out) and the reason behind it.

Okay, first off; the assignment.
The assignment was for everyone in the class to write a manual about any topic they wanted (could be anything; some numbnuts even chose "Manual To Screw In A Lightbulb" and "How To Install Enemy-Territory", to give a view of the direction people were taking it).

Anyway, the assignment wasn't just some regular assignment, it has more value than that so we had to put a bit more effort into creating it.

So a few weeks ago on a day when school was finished early (thus freeing up space for the day) I decided to compensate some hours I had missed (not due to skipping school but because I was late for too many classes; they subtract points for attentiveness).
I decided to do this together with a classmate of mine; Achmad Salek (a cool guy, I hang out with him occasionally) and had decided to compensate for an hour and a half (otherwise it'd get too late for our standards :P).
That (obviously) gave us a LOT of time to work on our small assignment so I decided to go all out and make it quite extent.

The topic I chose was just as idiotic as the before mentioned, entitled: "How To Tune A Guitar".
It didn't end up excessively big or anything, it was only about 6-or-7 pages worth of text (including an index page) describing how to tune to different kinds of guitar tunings and different kinds of oddly-stringed guitars (7-strings, 12-strings, etc.) and some imaging (to fill up space, obviously :P).
I actually made a pretty decent manual from it if I do say so myself. :x

I handed it in the following day and the teach said he'd review it and grade it later.

So yesterday I get to class and I get the assignment back on which my grade is noted a thick 5.5 out of 10 (10 being "best" — otherwise known as; impossible). :o
Obviously I asked why the grade was so low to which he replied I had copy/pasted text from the Internet because obviously no-one can write with the grammar I used...

I took it up with him and after explaining that, yes, I did write everything myself (I had an hour and a half to kill, which gave me plenty of time to do it) and explaining that I've always made my own assignments for English class (because English is the only class I can show —read: boast— my English grammar, and I always like to enhance/extend my English grammar and vocabulary).

After having explained all that he said he (the fair man that he is) would give it another review baring it in mind.

My little brother has had this on occasions as well at school (he, like me, is very profound and adept to the English language and also likes to show it in his own assignments, like me) and he, too, receives the occasional subtracted points because teachers don't believe he wrote his own assignments.

But I guess it is the highest compliment you could possibly get, I guess, although it does make it harder for me to write new assignments because I don't know what to do next time; use simpler grammar just to show that I "fit in" with the rest of my class or deliberately continue to use my own grammar in which case there's no telling what the next judgement will be (it always has been uncertain if the teacher believed that I was using my own grammar or not).

Anyway, I'll probably post a follow-up to this entry soon enough (I should be getting it back this week).


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