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Sunday, January 22 2006, 05:58AM

English Assignment (part 2).

A bit later as planned, but I finally received word from my English teacher about the grade on the assignment.
I sent him the link to my (this) weblog to show him my English grammar (since, obviously, my weblog is English in its entire).
It seems he already found out I had written it myself and said my weblog convinced him even further that his previous decision was unjust.

He sent me this e-mail to reply to my e-mail (in which I sent him the link):

Dear Alessandro,

Today I had another look at your assignment paper. I have to admit I was too harsh in my judgement of you. You did write it yourself. I see that now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope you realise that your level of English does not occur too often in a teacher's lifetime. Thus it can happen that after having graded 20 papers of abominable quality and 10 more that were copied straight from the Internet, in my frustration over so much stupidity, I overlook the one paper that shows promise.

When I came home today, I read your mail and visited your weblog. This convinced me even more that I had made the right decision. I would even go as far as advising you to keep this part of the log and our correspondence. Put it in your portfolio and keep it for next year to be used as proof of your competence in the English language during your Proeve Van Bekwaamheid (nice word for exams).

I'll try to remember this incident and be more fair in future grading. At the same time I would advise you to keep going "all out" , as you put it, in future papers.

    W.P. de Wit

I'm really glad this thing has a happy ending now, I was really mad when he gave me my initial grade. :P

I'll probably also keep the mail for my exams next year (that is, if all goes well; my grades themselves are a bit on the low side, but that I can work on).


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