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Sunday, February 5 2006, 11:54AM

Time flies!

Time really flies when I'm fucking up school.. I mean. :x
No but seriously, a lot of time past by since my last weblog entry and nothing much interesting has happened.

I'm about to recieve my last warning and last chance to fix things at school (long story) to keep myself from getting kicked out, but I'm not too worried about that (I've already decided I'm going to try and set things right again).

I went to see the movie Munich yesterday with Mick, it's a cool movie.
Not really in my interest or anything, but it's a good movie nonetheless.

I'm getting really excited about my wintersport vacation the 17th, I can't wait. :D

I also realised that there is a small bug in the Auto Paragraphs function I created before.
I made a big error coding it in that I thought that the <blockquote> tag was a block-level element.
Of course I should've known better (despite the deceptive name) that it requires a block-level element to be its child (such as a <p> tag).
I haven't found the time to fix it yet so I tremporarily added a div to my previous entry.

I will fix it as soon as I find the time to do so.


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