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Sunday, February 5 2006, 04:03PM


So I'll be going to Netgamez again in 26 days (March 3 to 5) together with my brothers and band-member; Michel.
Some guys from school also said they might be going but are still uncertain (except for Leo, an ex-classmate who said he'll be going with his Counter-Strike clan, as far as I can remember).

Anyway, I don't have many things I feel I need to download (unlike last few times where I actually made lists of movies), but I'll see what's available when I'm hooked up on its network.
I may download a GBA games collection from someone (I've seen 'em last times) so I can play them on a GBA flash card I'm planning on buying; M3 Adapter (SD-card version).

It'll be the 6th time (or something like that) I'm going to Netgamez. :)


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