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Monday, January 19 2004, 05:27PM

Chello is indeed faster!

After a bit of confusion about my up- and download speeds, I've now reached an understanding that it is faster because my ISP has given its users faster speeds!
Speed tests are crap, and they're far from reliable, a few tests gave me a result of 140 KB/S down. :S
So it's not accurate to say the least.
What I do see, however, is that downloads are getting up to 303 KB/S!
That means that the new download max has to be at least 384 KB/S.
I have heard from people that it is now DOUBLE of what it used to be, which means my max is now set to 512 KB/S!! :o
I have yet to see it get higher than 300 KB/S, though..
Time will tell. :)


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