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Wednesday, March 22 2006, 04:16PM

New project, new keyboard!

I've been real busy working on a new project of mine which features XMLHttpRequest which will eventually be an add-on for this very weblog.
It's been taking up a LOT of my time, I've really been taken in its grasps.
I've never worked with it, and I've never done such extensive work with javascript before.
To play it as safe as possible, the script will be added to this weblog without the need for extra HTML; I will include everything using your browsers' DOM (only one little change must be made and that's to the "onload" attribute of the body tag to initiate the javascript).
As an added side-effect, the browsers which do not support all of this won't have any strain put uppon them. :)

Of course, this is all still theory.

I've started on it and it's working but with a lot of hacking about. :P
Eventually I want the code to be real clean and sleek.

Not spoiling anything yet and it probably won't be such a big deal to anyway, but I still want to work on this if just to give me a better hands-on understanding of XMLHttpRequest (that, and it interests me).

In a non-related story, my mom bought me a new keyboard (the musical instrument, not the keyboard for a computer, duh)! :D
It's a Yamaha PS-55 which has no MIDI interface, but it's still a very awesome keyboard to have to jamm-sessions and the likes.
It's an awesome gift, thanks mom! :D


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