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Thursday, April 13 2006, 03:29PM

April Fools Gone Souer.

I waited with posting this due to the possible complications that might follow by what's happened, but since everything has been solved I'm now able to (finally) post it.

Okay, so, April 1st, also known as April Fools.
Boy, what a fun day, everyone playing tricks on everyone and such!

Being what day it was (or rather; would be, because this was still on March 31st), me and Ralph (from here on called "Ralf" because I like that better :P) decided to play a little trick on a girl both he and I know on MSN; Sabina.
It started out as a thought; tell someone the lie that I'm gay (people who know me will know that is fairly impossible to believe) and then go from there (no real goal or anything).

I decided to play the trick on Sabina on that day (so it wouldn't get noticed).

So I told her I had confessed to a guy in school that I liked him and that he didn't really accept it and I would be affraid that he'd tell the world.
She didn't really seem to care about it much but I kept building the story up and franticly trying to get "help" (advice) from her.

Anyway, Me and Ralph decided to also pull this prank with his girlfriend (Nadine — who is best of friends with Sabina).
I was not to tell her anything; I'd leave it all up to him and he wouldn't tell Sabina; that was up to me.

So, April Fools cometh (Saturday), we told them both (me to Sabina, Ralf to Nadine).
Sabina's initial response was "BASTARD!" after which she "acted" like she was furious.
After I tried to calm her down she let me know that was her April Fools gag. :P

Then the wait was on to hear from Ralf who was supposed to tell his girlfriend.

After he told her (via phone) she really blew out.
She was really furious of both Ralf and myself.
She sent me a message through GMail Chat saying how pathetic I was and such (that would be the last time I ever heard from her).
She wouldn't even want to talk to Ralph anymore..

I really didn't understand where all her rage was coming from.. it wasn't as if I said I killed a person and was seeking help or anything.

Ralf mailed her and tried to get in contact with her but she didn't want any contact (seems she e-mailed him on sunday saying she didn't want to have anything more to do with him for the time being; she'd contact him).

He decided it might be a good thing to just go to her on Monday to apologise in person (I've asked eight friends of mine if that would be the right thing to do and all of them agreed it's the best thing to do in a fight; don't do it via e-mail/phone/MSN, talk to her in person).

Monday cometh, he skipped school to go to her and try and apologise.
She ignored him completely that morning when she went to school, so Ralf waited until she was off school (4 PM) and tried to ask again, and what do you know it, she ignored him again. :o
She then proceeded to call Sabina and (franticly and while wheeping) tell her she was being stalked by Ralf, that he had pushed her up against a wall (to try and get her attention is my best guess), that he'd been following her everywhere she went and that she was very scared of him now.

So Ralf turned homewards (confused as hell, I'll bet — at least, I was).

Days went by, there were some talks with all parties involved, nothing got resolved.

I didn't understand it, WHY was she so mad?!

I finally got my answer from an e-mail she sent Ralf saying that her mother was peeping in on her chat while she was having it with Ralf, so she asked her mother for advice to relay to Ralf.
If that wasn't enough, she also asked for advice to a (gay) friend of hers (while Ralf expressly told her to keep it confidential).
Then April 1st cometh, she (after having been told by Ralf) had to step up to the challenge of telling her mom and the gay friend it was "merely" an April Fool's gag.
That being a shameful thing on itself; while calling that gay friend of hers he had been getting really angry and was crying and said something along the lines of "Why do they always pick on gay people!?".

My response (I really feel the need to place this in my weblog)?: sniff-sniff, boo-hoo-hoo, cry it out you gay faggot.

But anyway, that does explain the reason for her being angry.. but so terribly angry?
It was just a joke!
Get the fuck over it!

She and Ralf both tricked me into a joke which was (at least from my feel) even worse and that wasn't even on April Fools!
I didn't stop talking to her and Ralf (at least not after the first 15 mins), what's wrong with her? :S

Anyway, after a few days she then finally went back on MSN (she had blocked me) to talk with ralf and saying she might wanted to try it again (still uncertain).

Still a few days went on, and coming the weekend Ralf asked me to go out with the whole group (which I declined) consisting of Nadine, Sabina, and some other people.

Later that night I get an SMS text message from Ralf saying Nadine has been "cheating" on him that night (he later told me on MSN that he caught her and a friend of hers making out).

He was really angry and hurt the first few days but he's better now, from what I can tell.

Moral of this story: I have no fucking clue. :S
But this'll probably be the last April Fools gag I ever pull..


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