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Friday, April 21 2006, 05:31PM

The Flower Kings Concert!

The evening of the day before yesterday (being Wednesday-evening, if you're still with me so far :P) I went to the concert of The Flower Kings with Ed, his girlfriend Saskia and Mick!

The concert was fucking awesome!

Of course, I've been to one of their concerts before, but that was an instrumental tour, this was with actual singing.

Their set-list was amazing (playing a lot of big epics, including my favourite: Love Surpreme).
I've gotten this from some forum (can't remember which, I was Google-ing — it's funny how that can turn into a verb, isn't it? — for the setlist and found it on some forum.  I think the encores were different, though..):

  • Check In  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Paradox Hotel  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Hit Me with a Hit  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Last Minute on Earth  (from the album: The Rainmaker)
  • In the Eyes of the World  (from the album: Stardust We Are)
  • Jealousy  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • What If God Is Alone  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Pioneers of Aviation  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Love Supreme  (from the album: Adam & Eve)
  • The Truth Will Set You Free  (from the album: Unfold the Future)
  • Touch My Heaven  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Mommy Leave the Light On  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • End on a High Note  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • Life Will Kill You  (from the album: Paradox Hotel)
  • I Am the Sun - Part 1  (from the album: Space Revolver)


  • The Blade of Cain  (from the album: Adam & Eve)
  • A King's Prayer  (from the album: Space Revolver)

There were camera's all over the place, and it was said on the website from that venue that they would be recording for a DVD. :o
I'm sure I'll be on it and I'll definitely buy it (if just for the songs alone). :)

The concert started at 7:30 PM and finished at 11:15 PM (actually, I found out later it wasn't finished yet, they still played one more encore which I missed! :() at which point me and Mick left to go home (had to catch the train).

I arrived at Rotterdam Central Station at 12:15 PM (Mick took another train towards his home) where I had to wait a long while for my next train towards Utrecht Central Station (which goes past the stop I need to get off; Rotterdam Alexander), so I put on my MP3 player and started listening to Pink Floyd's CD; Meddle (Track 6; Echoes — one of their best songs ever in my opinion).

It was by pure coincidence that when my train departured from Rotterdam Central Station that Echoes finished playing; while the train was speeding up I was hearing the sound of the space-ship — or the likes — taking off at the end of the song, which led into the next song at track 1; One Of These Days (I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces).

It's hard to discribe now, but I got a real eerie feeling from that.
It was really cool as it took place. :P

So anyway, the concert was amazing, I got home at 2 AM (I was beat to shits the next day as I had to get up at 7:20 AM) and I really enjoyed myself. :)


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