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Wednesday, April 26 2006, 06:48AM

My first small gig (with Lenna)!

I'm going to have my first small gig on a Queensday fair (Saturday) in Geldermalsen with Lenna; a girl I met on-line a long time ago (almost a year now) through SuperDudes/SugaBabes (she occasionally sung through her microphone via MSN Messenger so that's how I knew how well she could sing before undertaking this).

We're going to perform the song Sacrifice by Anouk.

I've been practicing this song for a a few weeks now and I went to visit her yesterday for the first time to practice together.

Sounds odd and all but she's a wonderful singer and I practiced this song so much I knew it by heart, and sure enough we worked magic (that is to say; even while practicing seperately, we still managed to study to perform this song perfectly). :P

This will be the first time I'm on-stage, ever, with my guitar and I'm already a bit nervous (although I have high hopes). :x

Oh well, we'll see coming saturday. :)


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