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Saturday, April 29 2006, 01:12PM

My first gig (with Lenna)!

Today was my very first gig, ever!
Lenna and I (see picture below) performed the song Sacrifice by Anouk. :)

Picture of me and Lenna.
This is a picture I took with Lenna at her place.

The day started off by her waking me up at 9 AM with a phone call, we talked for a while (me still being half asleep — she told me she'd got up around 7 AM :S :o) and I eventually got up to get ready to leave.
I left home at 9:45 AM and arrived at her station on 11:15 AM.

We drove (by bike) to her village centre (where everyone gathered for the Queensday fair) to see if the truck (which held the stage) was there this year (there were some rumors it might not be there at all, so we were a bit worried).
Luckily it was, so we went to the booth which organised it all to ask if we could perform our song, to which they said that we couldn't. :o
Due to lack of interest in the previous years it was cancelled and the stage was set-up for a fixed schedule.

To say the least; we were very dissapointed but were still determined to play the song (be it in the crowded streets or otherwise), but before doing that we decided to go to her house to run it over a few times (and to upload the pictures we took with her webcam the last time I was there :P).

It worked out well enough and so we headed off for the fair again (I told her we should ask the people again if they really didn't have any place for us, after all, we did practice for it and it was only one song).
So in our approach to the booth I saw a guy coming from the stage wearing a suit and I let Lenna know I spotted him and I though he might be the organiser.
Lenna approached that guy and we told him our tale and sure enough, he was the organiser!
Moreover, he'd see if he could possibly squeeze us into their schedule!

By this time we were (obviously) getting very excited (even though no promises have yet been made).

Because it took the manager so long we decided to have a walk through the fair and check out some of the stuff that was for sale.

We walked a while and came to a certain spot which, to her, looked like a good spot to play off-stage (I was unsure about playing off-stage at all) and right at that moment some people came (I think she said they were her neighbours) who asked if we were setting up to play, so now we had to choice but to play there (Lenna insisted and when Lenna insists.. there's no hiding :x). :P
So I unpacked my guitar and we started performing (which was kinda quirky on my part) and finally decided not to finish the song at all because the music from the stage was overlapping our little off-stage performance too much. :(

After that little mishap we went back to the before mentioned booth to see if that manager had any luck in putting us on stage.

We weren't able to find him and it was at that point it started raining and eventually hailing horrendously!
We saught shelter under a party tent (which was very crowded) where I met a guy from my school (knew him by face, don't know him otherwise) which recognised me.
We had a little chat, turns out he also plays guitar and is a soprano singer himself (though he came there only for friends and the party).

Anyway, to get back to the story (I know it's getting tedious :P).

The rain/hail cleared after a few minutes, we spotted the manager and he immidiately went to ask the schedulers if it was possible to fill us in on stage.
After having waited some more minutes we were told we could perform our song on-stage after the guy currently on the stage finishes!

Now we were getting really psyched and nervous!

We waited until that guy finished (luckily it took him some time :P) and we were allowed to go on stage!

It's important to note that there weren't that many people on the main square at this point (which made it a bit more comfortable for me).

We went up, I set-up my guitar and did a very fast sound-check, turned around to face the audience and the main square was filled with people! :o

While performing our song, on-stage, I lost my nervosity completely and Lenna and I shun like the sun (at least for a couple of minutes that were the length of the song :P). :D
She really is an amazing singer and I didn't do all-too-bad myself. :)

We recieved a warming applause when we were done and recieved a lot of compliments. :D

It seems even her parents saw our performance; they had just arrived to the main square as we started playing. :D

It was a very nice experience to be able to play on-stage for an actual audience and we have already planned to practice more songs to perform in the future. :)


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